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Member News

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Member News & Activities

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Dorothy A. Featherlinghttp://www.dafeatherling.com

Dorothy published a couch potato’s exercise book—Get Up and Get Moving. She published two booklets for authors giving presentations on writing to students (1) Write On! Giving School Presentations to 7th & 8th Graders, and (2) Writing A Book: Seriously?: Giving School Presentations to 9th-12th Graders. She has several series — It’s Murder at the Office; Out of Time; Second Time Around; Staged for Murder. She also writes non-fiction—Who Killed Ben Miller? & Death of a Juror.

    She launched a website in 2018 for the time travel adventures — timegameseries.com. Book 13—Deep Underground in her children's time travel adventure series for 9—16 year old is now available. Book 1—Eye of the Storm: The First Token—Book 2, Mission to Mars: The Second Token; Book 3The Lost City of Acara: The Third Token; Book 4—My Spy: The Fourth Token; Book 5—Chisholm Trail Showdown; Book 6—Dark Side of the Moon, Book 7—Valley of the Giants, Book 8—The Shell Game, Book 9—Robbery in Philly, Book 10—Here Be Pirates, Book 11—Space Race Sabotage, Book 12—Comanchero Captives, Book 13—Deep Underground. Visit her website to see all her books.

Bruce Hammackhttp://brucehammack.com

Book 4 Jingle Bells, Rifle Shells is in his Smiley and McBlythe Mystery series. Book 3 is The Ice House Murder, Exercise is Murder is Book 2 and The Long Fall is Book 1.

Linda Farmer Harrishttp://www.lindafarmerharris.com

Lin’s novella, Mansion of Stolen Hearts, Winged Publication, is available as ebook and paperback. Book 2, The Road to Tomorrow, Voices in the Desert Series, Winged Publication, will be available in 2020. Her novella Treasure Among the Ruins, Book 1, Voices in the Desert Series, Winged Publication is available from Amazon. com in ebook and paperback formats. Her novella The Lye Water Bride is in Barbour Publishing’s California Gold Rush Romance Collection (2016).

Myra Johnsonhttp://myrajohnson.com

Myra’s latest Harlequin Love Inspired Romance, Their Christmas Prayer is now available. Her book set of The Horsemen of Cross Roads Farms series features A Horseman’s Heart, A Horseman’s Gift and A Horseman’s Hope. The Till We Meet Again series includes When the Clouds Roll By, Whisper Goodbye, and Every Tear a Memory. Myra has two more series, novellas, and stand alones.

Teresa Lynnhttp://www.henscratches.com

Understanding Copyright:Author’s Edition is Teresa’s latest publication. In addition to helping establish Tranquility Press, she provides all types of writing, editorial, and book design services. She’s authored Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingals Wilder and Thanksgiving Joy.

Brenda O’Bannionhttp://riverroadbooks.com/

What’s Up Cody? is Brenda’s latest book. She also authored Patchwork Annie, Crowbaby and Dawfie, and Dawfie’s Story.

Marilyn Read & Cheryl Spears Waughhttp://www.inspiredwomenofthesw.com/

Seek a Safe Harbor and Dawn’s Light in Monterey are books 1 & 2 in their Women of Monterey series. They will have a book signing on May 16th at E Monumento from 4:30-7:00. Connect with them on Inspired Women of the Southwest — http://www.inspiredwomenofthesw.com/

Amy K. Rognliehttps://amyrognlie.com/

Coming January 1, 2020 is Book 2—To Err is Human in her Cozy mystery series. Make Haste Slowly is Book 1. Visit her website to see all her books.

Nancy Jill Thameshttp://www.nancy-jill.blotspot.com/?m=0

Murder in Half Moon Bay was free on Kindle beginning 4-30-19. Her novella Teddy Saves Christmas is in the Happy Homicides 2: Thirteen Cozy Mysteries (Crimes of the Heart). Museums Can Be Murder is Book 11 in the Jillian Bradley Mystery series.

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CenTex Chapter Membership Information
CenTex Chapter dues are $20 annually. Writers can visit two meetings free before joining ACFW National and the CenTex chapter.

First year ACFW membership is $65 and is required prior to joining the CenTex Chapter. ACFW renewal fee is $45.

Download the CenTex Application form

Contact Joyce Hammack joycehammack@gmail.com for additional membership information.Member_News_files/2015ACFW%20LocalChapAPP.pdfmailto:joycehammack@gmail.com?subject=CenTex-ACFW%20Queryshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1

I Can Do That!

A Book on Self-Regulation

My Actions Matter

A Book on Life Values

Vol. 3 Can-Do Kids Series

My Body’s Mine

A Book on Body Boundaries and

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Vol. 1 Can-Do Kids Series

Mi Cuerpo Es Mio

Un Libro Sobre Limites Personales del Cuerpo y Prevencion de abuso Sexual

Vol. 1 Can-Do Kids Series

Kayla Watson Marnach

Deep Underground

Time Game Series: Book 13

Write On!

School Presentations-7th & 8th Graders

Writing a Book: Seriously

School Presentations-9th & 12th Graders

Fuel for the Journey

Get Up and Get Moving

D.A. Featherling

Mansion of Stolen Hearts

Railroad Brides: Harvey Girls:

Women Who Tamed the West

Treasure Among the Ruins

Voices in the Desert series—Book 1

The Lye Water Bride

California Gold Rush Romance Collection

Linda Farmer Harris

The Jillian Bradley

Short Story Collection

Bridges the Series Between Books 10 & 11

Museums Can Be Murder

Jillian Bradley Mystery Series — Book 11

Teddy Saves Christmas

Happy Homicides 2: Thirteen Cozy Mysteries (Crimes of the Heart)

Nancy Jill Thames

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Click on Book Cover to learn more about or to purchase book

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To Err Is Human

Short Creek Mysteries—Book 3

Where There’s a Will

Short Creek Mysteries—Book 2

Make Haste Slowly

Short Creek Mysteries—Book 1

Amy K. Rognlie

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Smiley and McBlythe Mysteries

Jingle Bells, Rifles Shells Book 4

The Ice House Murder Book 3

The Long Fall Book 2

Exercise is Murder Book 1

Bruce Hammack

Dawn’s Light in Monterey

Women of Monterey: Book 2

Seek a Safe Harbor

Women of Monterey: Book 1

Marilyn Read &

Cheryl  Spears Waugh

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New ***https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Copyright-Authors-Teresa-Lynn/dp/1950481123shapeimage_30_link_0

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