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Monthly Chapter Meetings — 3rd Saturdays

Fellowship—9:30 a.m.

Program—10:00-11:30 a.m.

ZOOM — Visitors Welcome

Email Rhonda Beckman for Zoom URL

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April 17  — Thomas Umstattd, Jr.

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2021 CenTex Officers:

President: Rhonda Beckman

Vice President: Brenda O’Bannion

Secretay: Lori Jo DeJong

Treasurer: Brenda O’Bannion

Marilyn Read 

Watch a video to learn more about ACFW

Becky Dean

Publishing Contracts

Delacorte PressChasing Chaucer

YA Contemporary, Summer 2022

Aethon Books  — Shades of Starlight series

YA Science Fiction - four books, 2022

Lori Jo DeJong

Scrivenings Press — Novel Starts Contest

Grand Prize Winner

A Calling of Love (Contemporary)

Teresa Lynn

Brenda O’Bannion

Myra Johnson

Bruce Hammack

Cheryl Spears Waugh

New Books by Members